• Materials can be used for wall work tables surface:

    1. 16 mm in thickness, produced under high pressure, thermosetting hems resisting, flat TRESPA TOPLAB+ 

    2. Compact laminate

    3. Industrial ceramics

  • Laboratory benches,Vertical carriers metal parts are manufactured from 50x30x1.5 mm size box profile and horizontal carriers metal parts are manufactured from 30x20x1.2 mm size box profile. Over the profiles is dyed with chemical and acid proof epoxy powder paint. There is 15 cm depth of space behind the work table for necessary equipment. Plastic, adjustable pingo is used to minimize floor-errors in the sections where metal parts touch the floor and avoid profiles touching the floor.

• Laboratory benches, Lower parts of the wall work tables consist of a two-part cupboard or a drawer group according to the project. The body of cupboard is first-quality, 18 mm MDF lam(Medium Density Fiberboard ) and the edges of the cupboard are coated with 0.40 mm PVC as same color. Ball bearing slides are available in drawers. 90 degrees openable hinges are used for cupboard doors.