About Us

ARMA has been one of the pioneering companies in the industry starting in 2004, serving in the field of laboratory products. Sterile Cabin (Class I type, Class II type), Fume Hoods, Laboratory Benches, Laboratory devices and Scale Table manufacturing material quality and without cost-oriented approach with a step before the competitors came out.

With its turnkey projects capabilities, ARMA produces laboratory instruments and hoods that are 100% compatible with the customer's wishes, for ease of use, durability and comfort for laboratory workers.

ARMA, where they spent 15 years in sales and marketing power in the industry has offered to combine with innovative and creative work quality and service to customers in Turkey and the region's many countries. ARMA has adopted innovative solutions to its customers' demands through its agreements with international solution partners on laboratory services as a company philosophy.

ARMA is realizing project design, construction work, laboratory machine and equipment manufacturing and installation, laboratory equipment provision, installation and training services in accredited laboratory systems. Quality service, customer satisfaction and continuity, environmental safety and sensitivity, occupational health and safety and so on continued after sales and after sales. ARMA will continue to provide innovative solutions.