ARMA 120 Size: 120x80x220 cm

ARMA 150 Size: 150x80x220 cm

ARMA 180 Size: 180x80x220 cm


  • Completely galvanized sheet metal in the thickness of 1.2 mm with electro-static epoxy painted over.
  • Completely manufactured in the dismantle system.
  • The worktops of fume cupboard is 12mm compact laminate.
  • The bottom side of the fume cupboard is cupboard which is made of galvanized sheet with wide use volume.
  • Front glass is tempered safety glass in the thickness of 6 mm and can move up and down through the stroke weight system.
  • On the worktops, 15×30 cm in size stainless steel sink is available.
  • There is a lighting system on the fume cupboard which provides at least 800 lumen illuminations.
  • A 980 m3 / hour capacity channel-type fan motor is available on the device.
  • On the right column, two 220 v, 50–60 Hz, 16 amp sockets, one light and one fan motor on-off switch is used.


  • Fan, whose body and blades are made of high acid-proof polypropylene material, can be used as a drive fan of fume cupboard.
  • On the device, dyed with epoxy-based electro-static coating over the brass in accordance with DIN 12898, color-coded according to the DIN norms, front-controlled and imported fume cupboards valves can be used.
  • Internal worktops and hood can be covered with 12 mm laminate compact in order to increase resistance against acids.
  • Industrial ceramic floor can be used on worktops of fume cupboard.
  • Inside of the cabinet can be made of PP completely.